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Easy to wear and easy to love is the best way to describe the look and feel of ICHI. By creating stylish and uncompromising yet original and affordable designs, we make sure that the ICHI girl is always one step ahead. 

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SELECTED FEMME is all about pared down elegance rooted in a Scandinavian aesthetic. All collections are inspired by iconic women of the past mixed with the essence of our present. They always blend classics with high fashion trends to create the sophisticated items that characterize the brand. The silhouettes are cool but feminine. They are simple yet bold. They do timeless looks full of surprising details. Fashion you want to keep!

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Skunkfunk exist in response to you: daring, feminie, conscious, diverse and pragmatic women. Each season they present to you a collection infused with urban style and spirit, inspired by minimalism, geometry, architecture and contemporary art. Every single one of the pieces are uniquely designed from scratch in the heart of Basque Country, and responsibly sourced and produced across Europe, India and China.

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Dresses, shirts and knitwear with an urban style 


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      Mazine began the story in Muelheim an der Ruhr in 1998, right in the heart of the legendary German “Ruhrpott“.            Urban streetwear for open-minded people. For those, who live their lives to the fullest.


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Soaked in Luxury is an international female fashion brand with on trend and easy to wear collections . Soaked in Luxury styles are feminine and vibrant, and we allow our customer to embrace her personality and femininity in an effortless way.

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As already announced at the beginning of this year, Naketano will be taking the online shop offline at the end of 31/12/2018.

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From the start, being committed to not using leather or any other animal-based materials in their designs felt natural to them. Each season, they continue to explore new innovative ways to remain sustainable and eco-friendly. Over the years, M&N have been experimenting with different recycled materials such as recycled nylons, cardboard, rubber and cork. Since 2007, they have been committed to using linings only made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles.